Microsoft Surface Pro 9 v/s Surface Pro 8

A Brand New Microsoft Surface Pro Device with some exiting features and older design

Although the new Microsoft Surface Pro 9 features updated CPUs and a new 5G-ready version, you could still find it difficult to tell it from from the Microsoft Surface Pro 8, which was released just over a year ago. The new Microsoft Surface Pro 9, which was unveiled on Wednesday in a webcast, resembles earlier Surface Pro generations in both appearance and feel.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 9 is still the best example of this compact but dependable hybrid category because it is a two-in-one Windows tablet that can transform into a laptop with the addition of a clip-on keyboard. I still appreciate the large display, great stylus compatibility, clever kickstand, and respectable performance. I’m still uncomfortable with the idea of shelling out an additional $129 or more for the crucial keyboard. Even while it’s still offered separately, the device would be much less useful without it. Yes, the pen is also offered separately, with the most recent Surface Slim Pen 2 costing $129 for one.

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You’ll need to carefully review the specifications to determine which model is best for you now that the Microsoft Surface Pro line has been divided into two unique versions: the standard Intel version and the new 5G version with a Qualcomm-made SQ 3 chip. Here are the specifications for both devices as well as the Surface Pro 8 from the previous year for comparison.

The Surface has now lost its 3.5mm headphone connector (the Surface Pro X didn’t have one, but the Intel Surfaces did), and the CPU in both variants has seen the most significant improvements. The Intel version of the Surface Pro 9 costs $999, while the 5G version costs $1,299.

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