XRP News: Will the Ripple Lawsuit Be Settled? Whales Move 618 Million XRP

XRP News: While a poll related to XRP Lawsuit was going viral on Twitter, WhaleAlert reported some massive whales moving XRP tokens; here’s what the community decided.

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XRP Lawyer asked users about the case in a Twitter Poll

XRP News: The XRP community is preparing for the long-awaited Summary Judgment in the Ripple vs SEC lawsuit. The XRP lawsuit’s Amicus Curiae, John Deaton, however, asked users via a Twitter poll what they thought about the case’s conclusion in 2023.

Is the XRP price still being driven by whales?

As the poll spreads, WhaleAlert reported some massive whales transferring XRP tokens. According to the data, crypto whales moved over 618 million XRP (approximately $221 million) in multiple transactions in the last 24 hours.

The largest transaction recorded by the tracker was 410 million (approximately $146.5 million). In another transaction, however, another whale moved around $50 million in XRP. Crypto whales appear to be very excited about the outcome of the XRP lawsuit.

Despite the price drop, a whale purchased $10.3 million in XRP tokens. The whale transferred 28.5 million XRP from the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange. 

Meanwhile, another whale took advantage of the recent XRP price increase to sell 40 million XRP (approximately worth $14.2 million). The price of XRP increased by nearly 5% in order to decouple current market sentiments.

Over the last seven days, the XRP price has risen marginally, while the largest cryptos, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, have experienced a price drop. At the time of writing, XRP was trading at an average price of $0.345. Its daily trading volume is $831.6 million.

Verdict Or Settlement?

A poll conducted by an XRP lawyer resulted in the community believing that the Ripple lawsuit would be settled. Around 60% of voters believe there will be a settlement, while the remaining 40% believe the XRP lawsuit will go to trial.

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